HB9IQB in Glarus, 1989





HE9CIU SWL QSL card, 1983


About the Operator

HB9IQB, Operator «Peri», was born in 1966 in Glarus, Switzerland. He was an active Short Wave Listener from his early youth on and as such participated in the traffic on the HF Bands as HE9CIU from January 1983 on.

Peri was assigned the Swiss VHF/UHF and above Radio Call Sign HB9SPM on December 18th, 1985, after having passed the exams at the PTT in Berne in November. Until 1988, Peri was mostly active on the 2 m and 70 cm bands establishing long distance European (Tropo, Es) as well as world-wide satellite (AO 10, Jas 1) 2-way communications.

On April 13th, 1988, Peri was assigned the Call letters HB9IQB (Cept. 1) with full privileges after having been examined in Morse Code (read and send, 12 wpm) at the PTT in Berne.

During his semester as a visiting professor at the Massachussetts Institue of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Mass., Peri passed the US Extra Class exams in the exam session organized by the North Shore Radio Association (NSRA) in Danvers, MA, on February 26rd, 2005. Peri was assigned the Call Sign AB1EQ on March 2nd, 2005, before he was granted the Call Sign KI1E on March 25th, 2005. He is a W5YI Volunteer Examiner (VEC) with the MIT VE-Team.

During Feb. of 2003 till Nov. of 2008, Peri was assigned the German Call sign DJ4PM. He operated from Berlin. 

Peri also holds the English Call sign M0IQB.

Peri is the Swiss correspondent of the German «Funkamateur» ham radio magazine available in news stands in Germany and Switzerland. He's the Author of two radio-related books: his lecture at MIT and a picture book.

Peri enjoys CW contesting, DXpeditioning and qrp home brewing. His memberships include: HB9GL, W1MX, W1XM, USKA, ARRL, RSGB, HTC, GTC, GDXF.


HB9SPM working AO-10 and JAS-1 in 1986