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Rock Mite 20 m cw transceiver



HB9IQB, Peri, enjoys CW contesting, DXpeditioning, and qrp home brewing.



Since 1988, Peri has participated in a large number of world-wide short wave contests. His 1st places Switzerland include:


- CQ World-Wide CW 2009 (SOAB HP);

- CQ World-Wide CW 2008 (SOAS HP, 20m, #20 Europe);

- CQ WPX CW 2008 (SOAS HP, 10 m, #8 WORLD, read article in HB RADIO);

- CQ World-Wide CW 2006 (M/2; Ops: HB9IQB, HB9CRV, HB9DDO, HB9FMU); 

- CQ World-Wide CW 2005 (SOAB HP);

- CQ World-Wide CW 2004 (SO HP 20 m);

- CQ WPX CW 2004 (SOAB as J49PM, #1 SV/SV5/SV9);

- CQ World-Wide CW 2003 (SO HP 80 m);

- CQ WPX SSB 1991 (SO HP 20 m as HE7IQB);

- CQ World-Wide SSB 1991 (SO HP 80 m);

- CQ World-Wide SSB 1989 (SO HP 40 m).



- WAEDC CW 2005 (SOAB as J45PM, #1 SV5; źDARC Hero of the WAEDC 2005╗)

- CQ World-Wide CW 2007 (HB9CT, M/2, #1 HB9, Ops: HB9IQB, HB9CRV, HB9DDO, HB9FMU). Check clip:








Peri's foreign activity includes:


3A/HB9IQB (2007; read the article in FUNKAMATEUR)

HB9IQB/5B4 (1991)

DL/HB9IQB (2003), later DJ4PM (2003 till 2008)

F/HB9IQB (2007)

HB0/HB9IQB (from 1989 on)

IV3/HB9IQB (2006)

SV1/HB9IQB (from 2006 on)

SV5/HB9IQB, also J45PM (from 2005 on)

SV8/HB9IQB (2006)

SV9/HB9IQB, also J49PM (from 2004 on)

TK/HB9IQB (2009)


W1/HB9IQB (2005), later AB1EQ (2005), now KI1E (from 2005 on)

YO9/HB9IQB (from 2007 on)



QRP Home Brewing

Peri has build countless antennas including yagis, loops, verticals and dipoles for short wave as well as vhf and above. He prefers (directive) wire antennas.


He has build a variety of transmitters, receivers, and transceivers such as the Rock Mite or the Wilderness Sierra.